Jubilee Conference English  and General Sessions Set

Jubilee Conference English and General Sessions Set

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This Special Conference Set contains English Sessions and General Sessions (includes Mass homilies!) from the 50th Jubilee Conference July 20-24, 2017 in Pittsburgh, PA. 

This set contains 22 talks from the - general sessions, Mass homilies, and English track sessions.

General Session talks:

01 Patti Mansfield Keynote Address: My Witness Thu. pm

02 Mass Homilies (2) Thu./Sun. Fr. Dave Pivonka and Bishop Sam Jacobs

05 Damian Stayne + Fri. Healing Service and Witness

08 Mario Castaneda + Sat. Rivers of Living Water and Witness

09 Fausto Franco + Sun. Panel of Sharing 

English Session talks:

03 Bp. Eduardo Nevares + Fri. Homily and Witnesses to the Jour. Pt 1 

04 Dr Mary Healy + Fri. Witness to the Jour. Pt 2

06 Fr. Dave Pivonka + Sat. Homily and Witness to Future

07 Ralph Martin Sat. Living Water for Generations

11 Mark Nimmo Fri. The Living Waters of Joy and Praise

12 Michelle Moran Fri. New Wine, New Wine Skins

13 Damian Stayne Sat. A new Season in humility, unity, and faith

14 Fr Dave Pivonka Sat. Baptism in Holy Spirit: grace for personal

15 Vinson Synan Fri. A Pentecostal Look at 50 years of Catholic 

16 Kevin Ranaghan + Fri. Pope Francis Speaks to the Renewal

17 Dr. Alan Schrek Sat. Charisms

18 Dan Dirkes + Sat. Reaching Young Families with Life in the Spirit

19 Dr. Mary Healy Fri. Introducing the ICCRS Booklet on Deliverance

20 Fr. Bob Hogan Fri. Celebrate a Charismatic Jubilee

21 Patti Mansfield Sat. Current of Grace: A Prophetic Flow

22 Bruce Yokum Sat. That they may be one- The Ecumenical Grace

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