Jubilee 2017 Conference Media Coverage!

Great news! We’ll be covering the 2017 Catholic Charismatic Jubilee! You can pre-order media here. Pre-order SALE is ON until June 1st – special pricing AND free pick up of media at the conference with coupon code JUBILEEFREE. 

This is IMPORTANT – the reality is, it costs us a TON in order to record media at an event. This conference is SO awesome and huge, there are FOURTY-TWO unique sessions! That means 42 DVDs, 42 CDs, 42 video digital downloads, and 42 audio digital downloads! We’re looking at a crew of 38+ people to cover everything. That means we need your help! Please pre-order so we can properly plan and make sure we cover the correct sessions. IF a language selection does not reach enough pre-sales, we just cannot commit the resources to filming it. So help us to make sure we film everything people want! Place your pre-order today! www.jubilee2017media.com (If a language does not get enough pre-orders for us to film, we will refund any purchases that were made.)

Virginian Pilot article about our work 

Check out the article in today’s Virginian Pilot about what we’re doing with Something Like Real Pictures!

The Ark and the Dove – Audio, video, and photos available now!

We had an awesome time with The Ark and the Dove celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal February 17-18, 2017. We live steamed the events and have media available at full-resolution (vs. the live stream quality) and any broadcast issues fixed!

For audio and video, please order here.

We also took photos over the weekend! To make it easier for participants to get professional prints, we’ve set up an online gallery where you can directly order prints from one of the best printers in the United States (and yes, they ship internationally). 


NSC 2016 Leaders and Ministries conference media

If you missed the conference – or just want to get extra media, you can order them here! Just fill out the online form. You can also order media for the 50th Anniversary celebrations at the Ark and the Dove on the same form! 

Have you seen the Mass Box yet?

Check out one of our new projects, The Mass Box – a way for children to get excited and learn about the Mass!

Adoration – a short documentary

A passion project of ours – this is a short documentary about the Catholic prayer devotion of Eucharistic Adoration.